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Name : Astingamen and Freistingamen
Circa : 2000
Type : Jewelry
Artist : Lazarus Black
Medium : Precious Metal/Jewels
Description : I designed this combination piece for my duties as Freyjasgodhi. The entire design is mine. On the hammer are Thor's goats Tanngnjost and Tanngristnir. Written in runes is the name of my home. I handed the sketches over to Jewelry Designs who then created the waxes and molds to my specifications and then they cast the pieces in 18k gold. I chose to insert 1 round Citrine and a tear drop garnet. The hammer can separate from the winged piece to wear independantly as my day-to-day hammer. The ritual piece is only worn on special occasions. They did a great job.
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Astingamen and Freistingamen Jewelry
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