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Name : Folkvarðr
Circa : 2004-2006
Type : Talisman
Artist : Kirby Wise-Frasier
Medium : Semi-Precious Metal/Jewels
Description : This spear was custom made for me by Kirby and Laurie Wise, a legendary family of weapon and blade-smiths who also happen to be Heathen. The leaf blade is a little erotic. The guards are falcon wings. Freyja raising a horn is part of several elaborate pierced bronze fittings. The spear breaks down for easy transporting - and since it's a ritual piece and not supposed to be used as a real weapon (though the BLADE certainly is real) that's a great advantage. Kirby forged the blade and hand carved the fire-tempered shaft. Laurie produced the pierced fitting. It took two years to make and it is priceless. I've since made one or two additions to it myself for ritual purposes. Hail the svartalfs!
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Folkvarðr Talisman