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Name : Mama Maureen by Royo
Circa :
Type : Illustration
Artist : Luis Royo
Medium : [ Unknown ]
Description : This was another cover for the monumental work by Robert Heinlein. Heinlein was so powerful a force in the field of Science Fiction that Isaac Asimov called him the Dean of the School of Science Fiction. "To Sail Beyond the Sunset" is a MUST read for all Freyja worshippers. It is part of trilogy (including "Time Enough for Love" and "Number of the Beast") within a much greater series of related books. It is impossible to describe Maureen fully, for the novel is told in 1st person from her own eyes, and that level of intimacy can't be summed up in a such a small space as this.
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Mama Maureen by Boris Illustration
Mama Maureen by Royo Illustration