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Name : Martha Stewart
Circa :
Type : Public Figure
Artist :
Medium : Living Person
Description : Martha Stewart is the ultimate self-made story for women. It MUST be qualified, however, that Martha would have been much less without her looks. Her story begins as a poor polish child who grows up devoting herself to perfection in all things. She begins a career in modelling to pay for college where she marries a wealthy man who becomes an even wealthier doctor. She then begins a career as a stock broker wearing short skirts - using her sex-appeal to land salivating clients with deep pockets. She leaves the profession an independantly wealthy woman. She then hosts gala parties for her and her husbands elite friends. A book publisher comes to one of her parties and offers her a book deal. From there - the rest is history. She is a well-rounded woman who had the luxury to have both brains and beauty and the accumen to apply them both effectively. She would be nowhere without her brains to execute her dreams - but without her beauty, she would not have had to opportunity to apply her brains. She is a lesson to all women, that one of the two may get you far - but application of both will get you furthest.
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