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Name : Jenna Jameson
Circa :
Type : Actor
Artist :
Medium : Living Person
Description : Jenna Jameson ranks as the world's most influential Porn Star ever. Sure, others have had moments of popularity and a rare few had moved to mainstream entertainment, but Jenna is the first to be mainstream popular AND still maintain her Porn career. She is the model that every blossoming porn queen aspries to. How did she do it? By actually working hard at being the best in the business. It doesn't hurt that she is a true classic beauty - not requiring anywhere near as much make-up and photo-doctoring as other starlets. However, after reading her book it is clear that she took her job as a craft to be perfected. Whether she took her work home with her or not is a matter for her alone to know. She certainly advertises that she mixes business with pleasure and several other Porn actresses publically claim to have been her lover off-set, but that could all be marketing. Since I've personally known strippers who did have sex with other strippers on their personal time, it's certainly possible -but I will leave for the possibility that she is just promoting herself. The photos are from a collection of photos of porn-stars in and out of uniform. It's not porn, it's a coffee-table book you can find at any major book-seller. WARNING: The link is Jenna's official web-site, but it contains lots of pop-ups even when you close browser windows.
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