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Who We are

Katheryn (Kat) Black [ no email ]
The youngest addition

Katheryn Evelyn Black was born November 30, 2004 at 12:38 am. She is a beautiful and regal figure already, showing temperment beyond her... days. Like her older sister, she was conceived without the use of modern medicine and we can now confidently say that whatever barriers were before us have been fully reduced to rubble by the gods.

Runa Black [ no email ]
Beginning of the End

Runa Valyrie Black was born on April 4, 2002 at 4:42 am (that's 4-4-2 at 4:42). She was born with a scar over her left cornea, symbolizes the touch of Odin already in her young life. She was not even supposed to be born at all, but after modern medicine failed the struggling parents, a combination of faith, hope and sheer irony begot an incredibly improbable conception (something like 1 in 5.5 billion). She has her entire life before us to shape her life.

Echo Black [ echo@echo-x.com ]
Mistress and Mother

Echo Black is not what you might call an outwardly spiritual person. She hold herself true by her own might and main. She stands for her rights and defends her family to her last. Not surprisingly, she finds Thor most amiable and admirable.

Mistake her for anything other than herself and it will be your last. She is a stunning beauty, a crack-shot, a professional erotic illustrator, a doting mother, a passionate wife, a compassionate friend and a killer joke slinger. Her reputation as an amazing woman precedes her with good reason. We thank the gods everyday that she is one of us.

Lazarus Black [ godhi@FreyjaFirst.com ]
Freyjasgoði, Husband and Father

Lazarus Black is a Clergyman ordained by The Troth, a respected and tolerant Norse Heathen organization. His role within the Troth community is less as political or spiritual leader, and more as spiritual pillar, spiritual counsellor and resource for worshipping practices. Lazarus is also in the Troth Elder program, where he hopes to be recognized for his unique and exceptionally researched accomplishments in academic Rune scholarship with esoteric applications.

Professionally, Lazarus is a Creative Director (an advanced Art Director/Graphic Designer) who has worked in New York City leading teams of marketing, technical and design professionals to invent and manage visual symbols for communicating to mass audiences. His professional resume may be found at http://www.chernik.com.


At this time, there are no other members of Gulheim. It may be possible that we shall grow, but only time and the gods do know.