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Welcome to Gulheim Garðr!

This web site is for the purpose of introducing our household to the general Asatru community.

Gulheim is the Old Norse word meaning 'Golden-Home'. Gold was used as a metaphor for not only valuable things, but things that were perfection itself. In this household, we strive for the perfection of ourselves and our relationships with each other and the rest of the world.

We are Urðarvingi Asatru (Foundationalist Asatru), which is a school founded by our Goði and father. It is not a political school, nor is it deliberately exclusionary or offensive to any person or persons.

We believe that the gods exist outside of ourselves, and therefore outside of our opinions of them. As such, we strive to understand who they ARE as opposed to who we want them to be, or what would best fit into our already formed world-view.

We are neither Universalist or Folkist. We are a family, and have no intention of discrimination or tolerance of anyone based upon anything but their actions towards or against us. A gift for a gift.

Our logo-gram is, obviously, Runic, based upon the profoundly successfull research of our Goði and father. It represent that, in our soul, we shall eternally grow and reinforce ourselves, though love, commitment and love.