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Freyja welcomes you.

Disclaimer: This web-site is dedicated to those who love to build relationships, families and communities based on a genuine sense of caring for other human beings. It is a means of spiritually connecting with the goddess Freyja. It does not claim that this web-site is the one and only direct link to the goddess Freyja. It is not a commercial site. All proceeds go exclusively to site maintenance. It provides a free service to those who wish to use it. Should one find it useful for one's own spiritual practice, then feel free to access it at will.

From Freyja


The goddess Freyja may be spelled many ways, depending on local dialect. Though Her name translates to "Lady", common variations include (but are not limited to) Freya, Freja, Froya, Frija, Fraya, Frœya, and Frowe. Here, Freyja is preferred for two simple reasons: it's exotic and was alread taken. In all cases the "j" is pronounced like the letter "Y". She is also referred to as "the Vanadis" and probably has an older name nearly lost to history that was similar to Birtu, Berta, Bertha and Berchta.

She was worshipped amongst an entire pantheon of deities by central, northern and eastern europeans from as early as the year 200 c.e. (of the common era) to as late as today. The religion originally had no agreed upon name unto itself, for it developed in a region of diverse tribes and peoples. Based on a modern movement in Iceland to reclaim its status as a world-religion, it has come to be known as Asatru - literally "Faith in the Aesir (Germanic Gods) " - or more simply 'Heathenry' (as opposed to Paganism).

Freyja is a prominent figure in Viking literature. The world famous Eddas and Sagas abound with tales of their gods and faith, including Her. She has Her place among the other gods of the pantheon, yet is known that there were specific cults dedicated to Her as an individual goddess (but still as part of the pantheon and not as a monotheist movement).

I am continuing that tradition. While I do certainly recognize and worship all the gods and heroes of that ancient religion, Freyja holds my heart and bids me to rebuild the Her cult and remind the world of Her wisdom as distinct from that of all the other gods mankind has known.

By visiting this site I assume that you are interested in knowing more about the goddess Freyja and especially learning how to bond with her as a spiritual being. If one is new to the uniqueness of Asatru, then one may find oneself coming upon Her with certain preconceptions that stem from knowledge of other cultural beliefs (including this modern one). In short, Freyja is a goddess of Sex and Love. She is also distinctly a willful and powerful entity to herself, beyond the scope of the Love Goddesses of other cultures (e.g., Aphrodite) and certainly not to be confused with them. There is quite a bit that you should know about Her published in the Who is Freyja? section.

"Talk to Her" is a place where one may write and send spiritual emails to Her and therefore attempt to communicate in a gestural manner that may make one feel more comfortable than speaking alone before an altar or opening up to a spiritual advisor (e.g., Clergy). This information, when sent, goes into a well of knowledge that is blessed by Her and sent through the waves of wyrd, directly to Her hand. No human being lays eyes on the material before Her. No material is saved on any hard-disk within midgard. It is completely free of censorship and prying eyes. No personal information is ever asked (e.g., names, addresses, etc.). I, myself, designed the site to bless, process and erase all text within micro-seconds of pressing the 'Send' button.

I implore you to study her, and learn from her and not to try to force her into a mold of you own making. She is not the One goddess (an inappropriate monotheistic adherence). She is not the Goddess Prime of which all other goddesses are merely hypostases (and ignorant attempt to resolve complexities that do not exist). She is perfect as she is; an individual unto Herself; and that self is divine.

The Future of Freyja

Obviously, I have my own personal knowledge and beliefs about Her and Her role in my life. In most cases, I shall refrain from presenting any opinion of mine about Her, and restrain myself to the facts of Her existence in life and in lore.

Yet, I can't help but wonder if there are others out there inspired by Her in a compatible way with how She inspires me and if there may be some way of forging a bond and a foundation (with Her blessing) for future teachings of Her wisdom. My home is named Gullheim, which means the Golden-Home. It is loving, bright, most precious, perfect and true. I encourage everyone to seek that level of perfection in their own lives. Let Her wisdom be my guide and let my example forge the way.

I would certainly be happy to speak with anyone about my own beliefs surrounding Her and my own role regarding Her, but I sincerely expect to never be asked. Even so, one may contact me at and be sure that I will respond within a very short period of time.