Talk to Her

Disclaimer: This web-site does not claim that this web-site is the one and only direct link to the goddess Freyja. Should one find it useful for one's own spiritual practice, then feel free to access it at will at no charge.

"Talk to Her" is a place where one may write and send spiritual emails to Her and therefore attempt to communicate in a gestural manner that may make one feel more comfortable than speaking alone before an altar or opening up to a spiritual advisor (e.g., Clergy). This information, when sent, goes into a well of knowledge that is blessed by Her and sent through the waves of wyrd, directly to Her hand. No human being lays eyes on the material before Her. No material is saved on any hard-disk within midgard. It is completely free of censorship and prying eyes. No personal information is ever asked (e.g., names, addresses, etc.). I, myself, designed the site to bless, process and erase all text within micro-seconds of pressing the 'Send' button.