Freyja As Warrior Goddess?

I apologize for the revelation - but it's something the Scandinavians have been laughing at us for decades. There are NO instances of lore before the 14th century equating Freyja and war. She NEVER wields a weapon.

The earliest example of Freyja's association with war comes from Sorli's Yarn alias The Saga of Hogni and Hedin written in 1400. It is not-so-vague attempt to immortalize the Christian King Olaf Tryggvason in mythic terms. His ascension to rulership and subsequent conversion to Christianity of all Norway became the culmination of prophecy and the even the will and direct action of Heathen Gods. Odin himself, in this tale, declared it to be so. Also here, Freyja steps completely out of character and urges a man to commit murder and kidnapping to start a war. She does not step into battle herself, nor does she ever touch a weapon. This clearly non-original story should not have had the power it did over the centuries. It is quite clear that this deliberately libelous work is the origin for most 'Freyja-as-War-Goddess' conceptualizations known today. Without Olaf Tryggvison's conversion at the heart of the story - there is no story. Snorri Sturlusson even writes about the same war and Olaf's victory WITHOUT making any reference to Freyja or the old gods at all - and his version predates Sorli's Yarn.


In the Heathen lore, warriors that die by Odin's or any other's will are divided and half are given to Freyja, but there is no record of what happens to them. Do they go to Her hall? Do they stay in Valhalla, to be stationed as her guard only once Ragnarok is upon them? Does Freyja pick them herself? Or does Odin or the Valkyries decide? There are no answers to these questions.

Contrariwise, there is a great amount of lore that speaks of Her as a goddess of peace, love, coupling, marraige and the bonding of community. She is the Vanadis - the greatest of all the Vanic Gods. The name "Van" mean "Hope" (e.g., ENG "want") and a goddess of love and the highest level of "Hope" couldn't be furthest from war and conflict. The Vana-home is even positioned precisely opposite to the home of the terrible Devourers - the Jotun-Home, who are the instigators of all warfare. Additionally, there are a number of great female warriors among the Jotun, including the divine figure of angst: Skadhi ("Skathed").

There are countless ridiculous modern attributions of war, weapons and even Valkyries to Freyja that have no basis in original lore. Unfortunately, the modern world finds such figures as Lara Croft (and Emma Peale, Jean Gray, Dark Angel, Bond Girls ad infinitum) so appealing and sexually attractive that many can't imagine a greater depiction of female sexuality than a woman who wields weapons of war.

There are some who receive 'visions' of Freyja as a warrior goddess because they didn't read the lore. There are those who have no problem 'adding new lore to the faith', but because they didn't understand the lore in the first place the additions are pure poison to Her perfect self. These practices will stop as soon as people understand Her.

There are numerous sociological and psychological reasons for the appeal of adding masculine attributes to the feminine and they are not unrelated to the opposite appeal of adding feminine traits to the masculine (e.g., Hugh Grant, Lord Byron, Air Supply, etc.). It is inappropriate to fathom those reasons in this format, but let it suffice to say that those reasons are palpable but should not be allowed to change Her into someone she has never been.

I urge all Heathens and Asatruar to STOP worshipping her as a warrior goddess. DON'T call her the Valkyrie Queen. Freyja is the ANTITHESIS of all conflicts and the ignorant movement to change that is both modern and horrifying. If you want warrior women, you've got the Valkyries - stick with them.

Freyja is perfect as She is - learn Her before you rape Her.